Our focus is to improve the level of education and therefore we have put together for our pupils the most reliable and high-quality modern facilities.

Digital Classrooms

We have class rooms equipped with a smart interactive board and overhead projector. Smart class brings in technology to the class rooms where the blackboard and the chalk give way to whiteboard and stylus (an electronic pen that works with the help of ultra-violet rays). Students learn difficult and abstract curriculum concepts watching the visuals and animations. This makes learning an enjoyable experience for students.


As goes the saying, "Seeing Is Believing ", we provide a State Of Art, well equipped spacious labs for chemistry, physics and biology where students get confident hands on training.


Personal care is ensured for each child. The all round development of each child is taken care through formal and informal learning indoor and outdoor activities like singing, dancing, recitation, sports and games.

A well-equipped separate classroom and Kids Park makes their life more interesting with fun in the kindergarten. Events like Children's day, Talent's day, Sports day etc give opportunities to each child for participation that will display his/her talents.

Computer Lab

The school has an efficient Computer lab. Each student gets individual terminals for hands-on training and it enables the students to grasp the knowledge in modern technology and make them aware of the possibilities in the vast ocean of knowledge.Our school has an efficient Language lab too.


Library is the heart of academics. We have a well-stocked library with a series of reference books and volumes on various disciplines. Various magazines are subscribed to foster the reading habit of children. It is equipped with computerized database enabling the student to have quick access to the necessary books. All students from class V to X have to read minimum a book in a month and prepare a book review. There is a full-time librarian to assist students in their study-needs.


The School counselor is available to assist Students with a wide range of personal concerns. Any kind of emotional or behavioral problem or academic backwardness may be discussed in person as and when required, in an informal and conducive atmosphere.


Always priority is given to the safety of the students which is made possible with the support from the healthy and vigilant driver and careful ayahs. Mar Makil School provides transportation facilities for Students from selected boarding points. Students, who wish to avail of the transportation facility of the School, have to register their names with the School office. Those who register their names for the School transportation facility are requested to use the transportation facility throughout the year. Conveyance fee should be remitted to school . It varies according to the distance to various destinations. If any Student wants to discontinue the transportation facility, it should be reported to the office. No other requests will be entertained.

Co-curricular Activities

Mar Makil School gives great importance to co-curricular activities of many kinds. Thus, we try to draw out the best in the Student helping him / her to develop all the latent skills and talents.

Prayer Room

The School provides a prayer room which is used by Students and staff members to meet their spiritual needs through prayer and reflection, etc. Every working day, before or after the class, during free periods or during intervals, they can spend a few minutes in silence here.