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In 1892 the only school at Kaipuzha was St. Mathews L.P. School under the management of Kaipuzha Parish and it was meant only for boys. There was no possibility for the girls to be educated. It was the long nurtured desire of MAR MATHEW MAKIL the vicar apostolic, to make facilities for the education of women, especially of Knanaya women. Because of the enthusiasm and love to his own community, he managed to get permission to start a convent here at Kaipuzha in 1892 together with a school by name St. Margaret’s School even before the establishment of Kottayam diocese. The idea of starting an English Medium School at Kaipuzha was originated by Rev. Fr. Thomas Tharayil, the vicar of the time and now enjoying the eternal bliss with Heavenly Father. The vast difference in the number of children in sunday school and regular school made him think. He realised that in the absence of an English medium school in the locality, children from the age of three onwards were going far away to get admission in an Eng. medium school. He presented the situation to the superior general of visitation congregation. To add to this our people abroad, having an ardent desire that their children should be educated and brought up in our own culture have many times requested us to start a residential Eng. Medium school. Above all to these reasons, the fact that our primary field of ministry is education, inspired us to take up the mission of starting this school. Our superior general Sr. Merin in consultation with the managing committee tookup the venture with the permission of Mar Mathew Moolakkattu, the Arch Bishop of Kottayam. In short Mar Makil Public School is the response and realization of the felt need of the locality. The name given to the school is more apt than any other name because the first seed of education in Kaipuzha was sowed by Mar Mathew Makil, the Servant of God..


Rev. Mar Mathew Moolakkatt

Mar Mathew Moolakkatt (27 February 1953), an East Syriac knanaya Catholic Archbishop was born in Uzhavoor, India. Currently he is Archbishop of The Knanaya Catholics of Kottayam Archeparchy, succeeding Kuriakose Kunnacherry upon his retirement, he is a member of the Order of St. Benedict. He was entrusted the whole Knanaya catholic community in 2006 January. His mother parish is St. Stephen's forane church uzhavoor. He was the synodal commission chairman of St. Thomas apostolic seminary Vadavathoor. He is one of the members of the permanent synod of the [1]


Mar. Joseph Pandarasseril Bishop


Dr Sr. Karuna SVM

Superior General


Sr. Kochurani SVM

Our Manager

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Sr. Sincy SVM

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My dear young friends,

You have become part of a large family of MAR MAKIL PUBLIC SCHOOL, Kaipuzha. As you feel proud to be a student of this school, you should also contribute your share in making this Alma Mater of yours, achieve more and more greatness and success. The future of this institution is now in your hands.

Wherever you may be and whatever you may do in future, hold high, the ideals that the school is trying to impart and live by them and never do anything that may tarnish the good name of your school.

Above all pray for the prosperity of the school and be grateful to this temple of learning, throughout your life.




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