General Information


1. The school is a Catholic Minority institution. However the school admits students of all castes and creeds without any discrimination. The students are selected on merit basis, according to the age limit proper to the class.

2. Students are generally admitted to play School, L.K.G., Class I to VIII. Issue of Application forms for the new admission begins in the month of January every year

3. Students seeking admission to Kindergarten or L.P section should produce the copy of birth certificate at the time of admission.

4. New students must be introduced personally by their parents or guardians, who will be responsible to the school authorities for their conduct, regular attendance and fees.

5. The Principal reserves the right to refuse admission to any candidate without assigning reasons for his/her action.


Regular attendance in class is an important factor of good education. Hence for every absence, a written request signed by the parent must be made in the handbook. This should be produced on attending the class the day after the absence, and countersigned by the class teacher. In case of serious illness that requires absence for more than five days the principal must be informed in writing and the doctor’s certificate must be presented by the parent. The principal can grant only 15 days leave and another 15 days can be had through the production of a medical certificate. Absence for more than 30 days in an academic year will make the student ineligible for promotion.

Habitual late coming will not be tolerated, but will be seriously viewed. Students who come to school late will not be allowed to the class without the permission of the principal. Sick and unhealthy students and those suffering from contagious diseases will not be permitted to attented classes.

Students who are once in the school campus in the morning will not be allowed to go out of campus till the evening. The students should bring mid-day meal.


Periodic tests are found necesssary to access the performance of the students. It also promotes healthy competition among them and helps them make aware of their own shortcomings and failures in their study habits by getting them graded again and again.

Holding on to these principles we conduct class tests and two terminal and two mid-term examinations before the final examination.

These tests cannot be deferred or anticipate to suit individual convenience. No re-examination will be conducted in any subject.

Any kind of malpractice in the tests attempted or intended by any student is punishable with suspension or expulsion from the tests or from the school, according to the gravity of the offence and of the discretion of the principal.

Promotion of the students will be as per the general norms of promotion stipulated by the authorities. Attendance is a major criterion for promotion. Those students who have less than 75% attendance shall not be promoted to the next class.

The result of the examinations will be given to the parents in the report card.


The school offers a wide spectrum of co-curricular activities aiming at developing the talents and creativity of the students. Following are the co-curricular activities offered along with the curriculum:- Yoga, Karatte, Abacus, Gittar, Keyboard, Music, Bharathanatyam, Folk Dance, Band, Painting, Clay Modelling, Skating, Foot ball, Basket ball & Table tennis.