General Rules And Regulations


1. Students must reach the school at least five minutes before the time fixed for morning school assembly. Those who come earlier should he seated in their own class and revise their lessons in silence.

2. No student can leave the school premises after coming to the school with out the principal’s permission

3. Punctuality, regularity and cleanliness are expected from every student at all times. On class days and during school functions, the students should wear the uniform prescribed.

4. Students should speak English in class rooms, in the campus, in the school buses and when they go home walking in group.

5. The following behaviour on the part of students will be taken as offences and are liable for punishment.

- The use of indecent or abusive languages.

- Rudness to staff members and fellow students.

- Violation of school rules and disobedience to staff.

- Damaging school property or spoiling school library Books.

- Misbehaviour in class, or in the school premises.

- Habitual late coming.

6. Every student must have a copy of school hand book and it should be brought to the school everyday.

7. When the student is absent from the school or comes late, genuine reason should be noted in the diary and countersigned by the parent.

8. Pupils are responsible for the safe custody of their belongings. Don’t bring valuable articles like expensive watches, ornaments of gold and silver to school. No mobile phone is allowed. No money transactions are allowed among students.

9. The articles used by the children like umbrella, tiffin box, books, instrument box should bear the name of the child for easy identification. The student should have a towel (not very small) to use while taking lunch.

10. Students are not allowed to bring any unauthorised books, periodicals and C.D, to the School.

11. Care should be taken of the school property, the students must not scratch or spoil the furniture; write on the walls or in any way damage what is provided for their use. Any kind of damage done to the school property must be made good.

12. Students are expected to behave well both inside and outside the school. Shouting, Whislling, running in the school building and throwing things one another is strictly forbidden.


The principal / Management has the right to introduce, amend or change these rules and regulations and to introduce new ones, whenever necessary in furtherance of the aims and objective of the school.


A school can do a lot for a child; but it cannot do everything. The home is the first place, where he gets his first education and training in citizenship. It is the chief place where his character is formed and developed. School education indeed promotes the growth of personality and helps to discover and develop the qualities in children. In order to secure all that is best in the education of your child, maximum co-operation between the parents and the school authorities is necessary; a task of a kind of partnership between the school and parents.

The school needs to have your co-operation and close contact with the teachers of your children in order to develop an atmosphere that is conducive to better and effective education. This hand book is one of the links which bridges the home and the school; an effective medium of parent-teacher contact.

We earnestly request the parents to go through the following with an open heart.

1. Check the hand book everyday and confirm that the lesson and the homework assigned for the next day are completed. The child should be encouraged to cultivate habitual cleanliness in all his/her work.

2. Absence from class for attending social functions retards the child’s progress and minimizes his/her interest in regular hardwork. So encourage the child.

3. Children who are ill should not be sent to school to attend class or to take test as they may spoil both their health and studies. Get leave from school.

4. Encourage the children do their home-work by themselves. Neither the parents nor the tutors should do it. Then only the child will develop a habit of studying or working on his own.

5. Criticism of teachers in the presence of the child should be avoided because it undermines his/her respect for the teacher and loses his interest in that subject.

6. As your child grows guide him to become a resourceful and useful member of the home, society and country. Encourage self-help for work and studies. Teach him/her to keep his room tidy, make his own bed, carry his/her own bag etc. This inculcates the idea of dignity of work, the fundamental personal virtue necessary for a successful career in life.

6. Every student must have a copy of school hand book and it should be brought to the school everyday.

7. You are requested to pay special attention to the personal cleanliness of your child.

8. Please go through the ‘General rules and Regulations’ to the students and co-operate with us.