Our Heavenly patron



This is a glance into the life and deeds of our patron, simple and sincere human being who rose to divinity with his sacrifice, sufferings and dedication. His strength was his utter trust in God. His motto was, “Not my will, but yours be done” (Lk 22:42). He was born on 27th March 1851 as the third son of Thomman and Annamma Makil. His priestly ordination was on 30th May 1874. The remarks given by Marcellenos Baradi the rector of the seminary; “Deacon Mathew Makil is, a noble leader as Moses, a religious person as Samuel, a musician as David, a wise man as solomon, good natured as Jacob and obedient as Isacc.” He was very much interested in the spiritual life, education and upliftment of the Knanaya women. The starting of visitation congretation in 1892 was the out come to this divine interest. The purpose and charism of the congretation is to attain Christian perfection by closely following Jesus Christ through consecrated life, to bear witness to the sweet, humble and meek love of Jesus by fulfilling God’s will through consecrated life and apostolic activities and working for the upliftment of all people especially of women folk through education, healing ministry and other missionary activities. The life of Bishop Makil was firmly anchored on saving love of the most Sacred Heart of Jesus and immaculate heart of Blessed Virgin Mary. The secret of success of his activities was his holiness and deep spirituality. Honesty, Justice and simplicity were basic of his life style. He was a man of firm faith, deep devotion, Kenotic love and endurance based on Gospel values. His compassionate heart made him one with every body and considered even his enemies as friends. He was wise enough to give counsel and advice in spiritual as well as secular matters. Our beloved father left us for eternal bliss in 1914. His spirit lives on, in and through his spiritual daughters. It is his spirit and vision that move us on and have brought to Kaipuzha and start this new institution of ours, Mar Makil Public School. We pray that his beatification may take place soon.